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IHOP Housing

“The past fourteen months with Peaceful Homes have been a great blessing throughout my time in Kansas City. It is a strong and reassuring comfort to live a safe place under the protection and authority of those who love and serve the LORD. They care about you and your situation. The convenience of on-site availabilities and ease of utilities included gives a sense of being cared for. Accomodations are suitable; maintenance requests are promptly handled; tenants are genuine Brothers and Sisters; adjustments are made for circumstances; and Christ is felt within. I am so grateful God led me to them.”


Male Housing

11272 Bales KC, MO 64137                                    11118 Norby KC, MO 64137

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Female Housing

11270 Bales KC, MO 64137                                  11268 KC, MO 64137

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11313 Indiana KC, MO 64137                                11315 Indiana KC, MO 64137

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11274 Bales KC, MO 64137                                   6300 E 110th St KC, MO 64137

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